Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Todays special is key chains. We have developed a key chain which will clip to your pocket or belt and allowing all those bulky, uncomfortable keys a new place to rest. Take a look. They come in 4 different metal finishes as shown from top to bottom: sliver; antiqued brass; matte silver; brass. To decorate the key chain you may choose a black or brown leather fob.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The thought of blogging is terrifying. My spelling is horrifying at best and my editing is just a step above spelling putting it some where in the scary category. To make matters worst I haven't figured out the spell check on my new laptop and have to convert my crude jumble of unrecognizable grouping of letters from my laptop to my phone to try to come up with the real word. Well here goes....

Back in 2006 my daughter was planning her wedding. As all moms and daughters do we went shopping for the perfect wedding dress. And as most mothers of the bride to be we had a budget. But how could a budget interfere with something as important as the perfect wedding dress? So I was determined to not let the budget be the overriding factor in our selection.

 My daughter found her perfect dress which of course made mom's eyes fill with tears and declare that she had never seen her daughter so beautiful and lovely. It was done. We had the dress. And to my good fortune it was within the budget.

 But wait! There was still the issue of the veil. Hmmm... Let's try a few on, with the dress, while we were in the store containing the perfect dress. The choices were endless. After narrowing it down to a few prospective candidates the choice was made.  Now it was time to look at the price tag. Oh how could this be? Did someone mark it wrong? The now perfect veil was the same price as the dress. How do I save face with my daughter? Wasn't I the same woman just moments before who declared how beautiful and lovely my daughter looked in the perfect dress? How could I possibly let her wear anything but the perfect veil with the perfect dress?  My mind worked quickly. I sew, I have made costumes for school plays, I can make the veil! Will she buy into my suggestion? Ask now, Ask now...."Abby, I think I can make you a veil as pretty, if not prettier than this one." She turned to me, looked me straight in the eye, with the admiration of a loving daughter and the confidence she had in me when she was 5 and said "Sure mom, that would be great." Phew I pulled it off, I saved her day and the budget. Then the reality sunk in. What did I just commit to? If this veil does not come out perfect I will be the mom who ruined her daughter's perfect day.

As it turned out I made 3 hand beaded veils for Abby to choose from. Two were my version of the perfect veil and the third was one I just thought was pretty but of a different design. I must say they came out spectacular and were beaded better than the store bought veils. I hand sewed each bead to the tulle.  Abby choose the one closest to the store version.  She looked exceptionally beautiful on her wedding day, with her perfect dress and her mom made veil.

From my adventure of making Abby's veil, I started making custom beaded veils, fascinators and other head pieces for brides and their bridal parties. This continued for a couple of years as I shifted to bridal jewelry.

While I worked with fascinators I would incorporate pieces of vintage jewelry. I tried incorporate these items in such a way that the vintage jewelry was intact, and easy to remove, so it could be once again worn as it's original self.

My love of vintage had me "reimagining" vintage hats and vintage jewelry. If I came across a vintage piece that was well loved and could use a little spark of life, I would "reimagine" by mixing new with vintage. Reimagining was fun but more so for me then for my customers. It never really caught on.

As I did all of the veils, wedding jewelry, fascinators and  "reimagining" I was also teaching myself how to do cold work wire working. Cold work for me was to work with silver or gold filled wire to create jewelry pieces. I made my own clasp, jump rings, chain links, earring wires and settings. You name it I tried it. My items did well for me and I picked up about 20 stores. I never made a profit but   knowing that someone liked my stuff, MY STUFF, well enough to buy it gave me inspiration.

This brings us to the current time. Looking for new items, or bits and pieces as I call them, to incorporate into my jewelry I came across silver items especially designed for the use with leather. Now I have it. We are back to my days of horses. My girlhood and adulthood dream, horses. I owned a few horses as a young adult. There was always something comforting about the smell of a horse barn. The hay, the leather of the harness, the sweetness of the grain, and yes the sweet smell of the breath of a horse. I had found my new medium, leather and silver.

So here I am at present day creating jewelry made of leather and silver and best of all people enjoy my creations. They like it, it sells, I replenish stock, I earn money (yes I finally make a profit) and best of all you like my stuff. Thank you.

footnote, only 23 words were looked up on my phone for proper spelling!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Silver Pear Designs LLC. Catalog

Silver Pear Designs LLC. located in Richmond, Maine has a new online catalog. To order please contact me for pricing. We offer both whole sale and retail pricing. If you are a wholesaler I will be happy to open an account for you. You may contact me through email:

We will be adding more items over time so please check back regularly to find more of our exciting items.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Silver Pear Designs has created a line of Sterling Silver tie bars for DH Friend Neckwear. Each tie bar designed and hand crafted by Silver Pear Designs with 100% USA manufactured materials. DH Friend Neckwear designs and produces hand cut, hand sewn ties influenced by designs from the 50's and 60's. Please shop for their ties and Silver Pear Designs' tie bars at the following link:

Three Ridges Tie Bar

Diagonal Spaces Tie Bar

Tread Pattern Tie Bar